vitualbox share folder

  1. device sharefolder -> set your folder path in windows and set folder name
  2. ubuntu terminal:
    1. sudo mount -t vboxsf FOLDERNAME /PATH/OF/FOLDER

For example: 

Windows: share folder: name: share, path: c:???

Ubuntu: sudo mount -t vbox share home/ying/share


enable clipboard share:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms


set the right to the share_folder

sudo adduser xxxxxxx vboxsf (XXX: your user name)


virtual box static ip setting

  1. set nat
  2. set host-only adapter (please create a network in the general setting, so that you can choose one of them in your host-only setting)
  3. start ubuntu
  4. go to system-network -> host-only network
  5. set your static ip, netmask, (no gateway!!!)
  6. restart!!!


Nautilus: Open in terminal

How to add the “open in terminal” option in Ubuntu?

Open terminal, then input the following commands:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

nautilus -q #reset the nautilus


open in terminal


How to make your website speak?

You can make your website or blog speak without any complicated technology. The easiest way is to use the tts-cloud service, but the most tts cloud services are costly. I tried a lot of them, at the end I found the VoiceRSS is really excellent and free for normal users.


1. go toΒ

2. register a free account

3. get the API key

4. read the API

5. put the code in your blog πŸ˜€

6. finish! πŸ˜€

Voice RSS - Free online text-to-speech service